10 Acne Myths

There are a lot of myths about the formation of the acne and its impact on the person. Lets see what they are:

1. Severe stress causes acne. Stress doesn’t directly cause acne, but it can influence the recurrence of the acne. As the stress level increases, it increases the body’s secreation of a substance called cortisol. This coristol causes the sebaceous glands that are present in the skin to produce more of sebum oil which will ultimately block the pores and produce the acne.

2. It is best to leave acne to get healed by itself. Acne comes at all stages and all ages of a person be it male or female. It should not be never be left untreated.

3. It is a myth that acne is contagious. But it is definitely not true. Acne is not contagious at all.

4. Sweating will help to clean the area that has the hair follicles. When you work hard, it would temporarily increase the production of body oil which would only worsen the acne. So sweating does not help acne in any way.

5. Being in the sun for a long time can help solve acne. Being in the sun may sound comfortable to some person. It would redden the skin and reduce the overall effect. But the sun rays will only cause damage to the skin. It would only increase the irritation and cause more problems. The skin cells would dry up and dead cells will clog up the pores. This will only increase the production of acnes.

6. People who do not wash themselves regularly suffer with acne. This is not true. Acne is developed as a result of excess of oil production or dead cells which clog the pores. It doesn’t clear just by keeping yourself clean.

7. Problems of acne may be proportionate with sexual activity. Teenagers go through hormonal changes. But it does not have anything to do with acne. Both are different issues by themselves.

8. Acne happens only on the surface area of the skin so why make a big issue of it. This might be true. Acne only happens on the surface level of the skin. But it actually runs deep inside the pore and has negative effect on the person. It makes the person depressed with the scars that are left behind. This causes low esteem of the person in society which is harmful in the long run.

9. There is no cure for acnes. Although there might be no cure for acnes, there are treatments available that help to reduce the acne and help prevent from recurring. Prevention is better than cure. So it is best to curb the growth of the acnes at the earliest.

10. You should not use moisturizers or other make up creams on your face if you have acne. These days a lot of non comedogenic cosmetics are available which are specially formulated to reduce clogging of the pores. So you can use suitable creams and lotions that suit your skin.

Skin Cleansing – Face Cleansing

What is skin cleansing?

Teenager problem skin care - woman wash faceSkin cleansing is the process of cleaning your skin to make it look clean, younger and fresh. Skin cleansing cleans the skin by removing dirt accumulated at the surface, make-up remaining impurities and other substances that causes the logging of pores of the skin. Therefore to maintain a healthy skin, regular cleansing should be done. If you have a normal skin, then it is advisable to do cleansing 2-3 times a day. But if your skin is exposed to dust particles and grime most of the time or if you have an oily skin, cleansing process should be done 4-5 times a day. The process of cleansing can be done using soap or some cleansing agent.

To know more about skin cleansing you should first understand about the skin and its composition.

Your skin is made up of three layers such as epidermis, dermis and the subcutaneous layer. The uppermost layer is the epidermis and it acts like a protective layer of the skin. The characteristic feature of this layer is that is sheds constantly. This process of shedding is considered as the skin’s natural cleansing mechanism. What really happens during shedding is that the dead cells are disposed and replaced with new cells. The dermis layer is present below the epidermis layer. This dermis layer has a blood vessel that nourishes the skin. The nourishing activity is done through the sweat and oil glands that lubricates and moistens the skin. Below the dermis layer, subcutaneous layer which is made of fatty tissue is present. It actually determines the complexion of skin. Among these three layers, the epidermis has first visual impact of skin cleaning as it forms the external skin surface.

How to choose a cleanser?

The skin cleansing process is not common for all types of skin. Depending on the type of skin and its needs the cleansing process varies.

What are the different types of cleansing agent suitable for different skin types?

Oily Skin

If you have oily skin, which is susceptible of acquiring pimples and black heads, then the most suitable cleansing agent is the forming wash. The feature of this agent is that it doesn’t wash-off the natural oils that give the nourishment.

Dry skin

On the other hand, if you have a skin that is of dry type, cleansing milk is more suitable for cleaning the skin. Also you must avoid cleaning the skin frequently as this could dry the skin even more. The important thing you should bear in mind is that you must avoid using soap for cleaning as it has the drying effect. The soap could be replaced by a suitable cosmetic cleanser which is oil based.

Combination skin

It is a type of skin that has a ‘T zone’ which is oily on the face. The skin in this part has number of pores that are open. The type of cleansing agent for this type of skin is the cleansing gel which cleanses the skin gently. The cleaner that is gel based usually do not have a drying effect.

Mature skin

Mature is the type of skin which has reduced elasticity. The surfaces of the mature skin are lined and this type of skin is always prone to become dry. The cleansing agent recommended for this type of skin is the cleansing cream or perhaps rich cleansing milk. This provides the skin nourishment and moisture.

Some Common Cleansing Agents:

1. Soaps:

Soaps are the common and most used cleansing agent. Soaps are not suitable for people with dry skin. Soaps, if not rinsed thoroughly can have negative effects on the skin. If not washed off properly, it could attract dirt, cause irritation to the skin and can possibly combine with magnesium and calcium salts to form scum which is quite hard to remove. The major disadvantage with soaps is that it washes off the natural oils of the skin which opposes the drying effect. Soaps are suitable for you if you have an oily skin. The various types of soaps and are moisturizing soaps, medicated soaps, PH soaps, super fatted soaps, transparent soaps, perfumed soaps, etc.

2. Cleansing Creams:

Cleansing creams are more suitable for you, if you have a dry skin. It is a mixture of oil, wax and water. These mixtures are suitably modified according to the demanding of a particular skin type. A wide variety of cleaning milk, foams, lotions, gels and oils come under the category of cleansing cream. They all are efficient in washing off dirt and makes the skin fresher and cleaner. The mechanical cleansing of the skin helps us to become aware of a concept called epidermabrasion.

What is epidermabrasion?

Epidermabrasion means the rubbing off the dead cells mechanically from the skin surface. Various materials for epidermabrasion are introduced into creams, soaps for removing dead cells. Some of the epidermabrasion materials are granules. Abrasive materials that are soluble, sand paper, cellulose obtained from luffa plant, hemp cloth, and sea sponges. Sponges that are man-made are also used. The man-made sponges are mostly obtained from the cellulose and polyurethane. For delicate level of epiderma brasion, woven webs are employed. A recent improvement in the technology of epidermabrasion is the usage of webs made of non-woven polyester. But the disadvantage is that it is not suitable for dry skinned people.

Thus skin cleansing is very much vital for a healthier and cleaner skin. From this article one should understand the necessity for cleansing the skin daily.

What Is Omega 3?

You have most likely heard about Omega 3 and their value to your personal well-being, but do you understand how Omega 3 is beneficial to your health and what foods that you can find them in?

Cheerful woman with Omega 3 fish oil, over whiteOmega 3 is a fatty acid that can help maintain your heart and blood vessels and can not only reverse or prevent high blood pressure; they can reduce the risks of a stroke.

The Omega 3 fatty acids can decrease both, pain as well as inflammation throughout your body, while at the same time, they can prevent breast and colon cancer as well as reverse and/or prevent depression as well as many other mental or emotional conditions.

They are known as an essential fatty acid due to the fact that your body is unable to manufacture them out of other nutrients. Omega 3 must be consumed in your daily diet and can be found in three different variables.

The Alpha-Linolenic Acid or ALA which can be found in dark green leafy vegetables, walnuts, hemp seeds, flax seeds as well as a variety of vegetable oils.

The Eicoso Pentaenoic Acid or EPA can be found in varieties of cold water fish such as mackerel, tuna, salmon, and cod as well as in fresh seaweed.

The Docosa Hexaenoic Acid or DHA can be found next to the EPA’s when you consume the coldwater fish and fresh seaweed.

The body consumes all three of the Omega 3 fatty acids, ALA, EPA and DHA, and in return you receive a higher level of health. You can lower your blood pressure as well as your chances of certain cancers and emotional disorders.

The Omega 3 fatty acids are essential to you body, but since you cannot naturally produce them you must consume them in your daily diet.

Make Your Own Anti-aging Eye Cream – Home Made Eye Cream Recipes

Sometimes you might have dark circles under your eyes and it might bother your night lifestyle. It is always feel bad to wake up in the morning to find out that you have dark circle under eyes. Anti-aging eye creams will help to remove dark circle under eyes – in the long run.
Face cream woman
Do you know that you can make your own eye cream from your kitchen? There are several ingredients around your house that you could use to make your own anti-aging eye cream and use it right away. It is very easy to make and cost much less than you buy from department store.

Here is several recipes you can make from home and use it.

Recipe # 1 – Avocado Cream: Mix 5 drops almond oil with 3 avocado slices. Dab around the eyes and leave for 5 minutes then clean your face with warm water.

Potatoes which have natural bleaching properties can be used to remove dark circles under the eyes and so can cucumbers and tea bags – which are what most people use as alternatives and supplements to anti-aging eye creams.

Recipe # 2 – Potato-Applesauce Cream: Mix about 2 tablespoons of unsweetened apple-sauce with a small potato (raw) with mixer. Apply around the eyes and cover with a washcloth damped with warm water. You can relax for about 5 minutes and clean your face with warm water.

Recipe # 3 – Melt the lanolin with water with low heat, then add almond oil. After melt the lanolin then mixed with powdered lecithin. Mix well together with water. Now you got yourself a cream to lighten dark circles under the eyes.

Recipe # 4 – Mix lemon juice, tomato puree, orange lentil flour and turmeric powder until pasty. Using Electric mix at low speed will help to create better mix. Apply under the eye and relax. Don’t forget to clean your face with warm water after 15 minutes.

This might not the best eye wrinkle cream but it will lighten dark circles under the eyes.

With these home-made eye cream will work just as well as store antiaging eye cream.